SinharajahOur workers are not just a factor of production but an integral part of the Vithanakande family. Most have worked at the factory for a long time and are highly experienced. A healthy Management/Employee relationship is constantly maintained and together, they and the management are wholly dedicated to the task of producing teas of the highest quality.

The factory has 78 monthly paid staff members and a manual workforce of around 250 consisting mainly of females, the majority of whom are from the area. The employees are well looked after, with daily meals and housing being provided along with additional facilities such as a death donation fund and emergency loans.

Tea Ranges

Property of FX Delmas
Drinking a cup of our tea will give you the deep satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting approximately 6000 families involved in growing and supplying quality green tea leaves to the New Vithanakande Tea Factory. These tea small holders typify the true innocence of hard working farmers in the villages of Sri Lanka whose life revolves around the existence of tea. They truly are the backbone of the tea industry in Sri Lanka. The Company is very concerned about their well being and provides regular financing, fertilizer and planting material on easy installments along with educational programs on up-to-date agricultural practices.

The factory is also involved in numerous social responsibility initiatives with the goal of uplifting rural life in areas such as road development projects, local temple upkeep and religious activities, community development projects, etc. New Vithanakande is a truly pro active organization genuinely involved with uplifting the standards of the rural community.