Welcome to Vithanakande Tea

A strategically located manufacturing plant with a mix of ultra modern equipment and age-old skills producing high quality Black Tea out of green tea leaves procured from around 6000 Small Holder Growers in its vicinity.

Our Vision

To provide high quality natural tea in the pure form direct to the consumer within the shortest possible time after production, thus upholding the prestigious "Pure Ceylon Tea" image and securing a remunerative price for the product which in turn would enable the provision of a healthy price for our small holder growers as well.

Tea Ranges

We produce a variety under the following categories to tantalize the taste buds of tea lovers all over the world:
flowery tea

The caption describes the presence of grades with Golden and Silvery tips of the Tea bud mixed generously with stylish black tea particles.

broken tea

Tea Particles consciously broken into smaller sizes often with the intention of bringing out a stronger brew whilst capturing the natural flavour of the tea.


Beautiful long whole leaf grades comprising of long and mid sized black tea particles often tightly twisted.

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