Award winner at the Ceylon Speciality Tea of the Year 2009/2010 Japan

New Vithanakande won the bronze award for the OP I grade in the "Sabaragamuwa" tea category at the competition "Ceylon Speciality Tea of the Year 2009/2010 held in Japan.

Winner of Specialty Tea Awards at the Tea Expo 2009

New Vithanakande teas won two awards at the “2009 World Tea Competition” held at the Tea Expo Las Vegas, USA. The awards were for Vithanakande teas in the hot tea category and were presented by Qtrade Teas & Herbs (

This was an independent competition judged by professional tea tasters and major retail buyers of tea, and is designed to recognize the highest quality and best tasting teas commercially available in the North American marketplace.

Ceylon Specialty Estate Tea of the Year 2008

A kilo of New Vithanakande tea fetched US $70 at a charity Tea Auction held at the World Tea Expo Event in Las Vegas, USA. New Vithanakande Tea Factory was also declared the overall winner in the Low & Medium grown tea category for its FBOPF Extra Special grade. This event was sponsored by the Specialty Tea Institute of the Tea Association of the USA in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tea Board and with the co-operation of World Tea Expo and Sri Lanka Embassy in USA.

HACCP Certification

New Vithanakande Tea Factory is in compliance with HACCP Certification from June 2008.  HACCP is an international system defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. The HACCP system helps organizations to control the hazards that affect food safety and hygiene.  It systematically identifies risks by setting up critical control limits at important points during the food production process, thus ensuring food safety for the production of black tea along the entire production chain from harvesting to the point of despatch (